SJN Ⅲ Series Triple-effect Concentrator

SJN Ⅲ series triple-effect concentrator

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The concentrator adapted to traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, dextrose, amylum, monosodium glutamate, foodstuff, chemical industry and other liquid material concentration shrinkage, especially for the low temperature heat- sensitive species in vacuum.


  1. Each heating chambertube, condenser tube ,the intermediate connecting pipes are used inside andoutside the ISO standard polished mirror surface of the pipe , to ensure thesmooth flow of material, non-coking heating chamber clogging, reducing foulingand cleaning times ,improve production efficiency.

  2. The concentrator usesthree effect evaporator while secondary steam to get reused, saving investmentof boiler, but also save energy consumption, the energy consumption is 70%lower compared to other concentrators.

  3. The concentrator adapt exteriorheating natural circulation and vacuum evaporation, it has features of highevaporation speed and high concentration than the major, receive paste inclosed condition.

  4. Concentration of recoverablealcohol around 80%

  5. It can feed material intermittentor continuously, reach concentration by once.

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