Intelligent Macroporous Resin Adsorption Unit

Intelligent macroporous resin adsorption unit

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   Thegroup is combined units of fixed bed resin column. It is used in confirmation,middle test and refine of liquid medicine`s purification of altitude academy,scientific research, pharmaceutical factories and hospitals. Resin absorptionseparation technology is using special absorbing media to select the effectivepart in the medicine and remove useless components. After the process, theeffective components can be more concentrated. The moisture can also be removedin the machine to strength the stability of the medicine. This machine can alsoremove heavy metal from the medicine. The product after resin absorptionseparation technology has a advantages of small size and no absorbing moistureso that can be made to different types of medicine, specially suitable for theproduction of capsule, tablets etc.


Considering such disadvantages that exist inthe application of fixed resin pillar as it will happen product wall flows,ditch flows, resin utilization is not high, this machine has the followingcharacteristics:

  1. Realizes control automatically;

  2. New pillar construction design and materialdistribution device to avoid wall flow phenomenon

  3. Material can be set flow timely in forwardline or contrary flows to adsorb, solving the phenomenon of ditch flows or drywimble due to un-even resin filling and bubble;

  4. The resin coping, bottom adsorbs layer movesevenly, the resin inside the pillar able to adsorb in balance, increasesutilization of resin.

Can realize singlepillar continuous absorb and multi-pillar continuous absorb operation. Can beused fixed or as analog moving beds


The Machine is withgood design, reasonable height ratio, precise inlet/outlet flow control, and equippedwith auto charging system and compressed air connection nozzle to make sure theresin filling efficiency and filling material recycling effect.

Equipment Type:

  Themachine is divided into manual type and automatic type.

  1. Automatic type:

It introduce computer automatic supervisetechnology, realize production process control, automatic inspection, transportationin pipes, enhance the equipment reliability and repeatability.

The single pillar controls with programmablecontroller, multiple pillars adoption PLC controls system, equipped withman-machine interface with the touch-screen to operate programming, on-linesupervise and control the working status of equipment and data collection,which realize series connection and  parallel connection of the multi-pillars , assure theprocedure stability and accuracy.

  1. Manual type:

The equipment tube adapt optimization design, operation simple, convenience, can design multi-pillars and big volumeaccording to customer’s requirement.

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