JH Alcohol Recovery Tower

JH alcohol recovery tower

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JH alcohol recovery tower:

Instruction:The equipment is applied for the alcohol recycling in the industries such aspharmacy, food, light industry, chemical and so on, for the purpose of reducingproduction costs and enhancing the economic benefit, The equipment is such agreat device for recycling alcohol to distill rarealcohol at  temperature of 30-50 degree up to 90℃-95℃, and because ofhigh alcohol degree requirement for the finished product,thecircumfluence rate may be enhanced but with result of decreased output ofrelative finished product, the mellow degree in the residue liquid ≤3degree.

This equipment adapt high efficiencystainless steel corrugatedpadding material, all surface that touch with alcoholsuch as tower body, condenser, pressure stabilizer tank, cooling coil pipe aremade of stainless steel, to ensure finished alcohol product not be polluted. Atthe same time, u shape tube so that the heating external wall and distillingchamber inside can be cleaned.There are two kinds of modes for the equipment toadopt. That is external heating JHW or inner heating JHN, of which the externalheating is mainly subject to JH500 structure or more with high speed ofevaporation and both alcohol recycling and condensing may be finished.

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