Special Maillard Reaction Type Reaction Kettle

Special Maillard Reaction Type Reaction Kettle

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Special Maillard Reaction Type Reaction Kettle

It is the reaction kettle for such substances as protein, fat, amino acid, peptide, sugar and so on to produce the substances full of strong and intense fragrance of cooked meat after thermal reaction under high temperature .It is a special device for producing substances full of cooked meat. It can be used for other reaction or used as a small preparation tank. The equipment has its special blender, and is provided with condenser for heating and reflux. The jacket can be connected with steam for heating , and with cooling water for quick cooling. Heat preservation layer is provided outside.


  1. This system is completely made of HighQuality Stainless Steel, under the foodhygienic requirements;

  2. Continuous feed, automatic slag discharge,can realize continuous and controllable Maillard Reaction, improve the reactionefficiency;

  3. Compound mixing system resolved the issuesduring use process of Maillard Reaction kettle, such as difficult for cleaningand easy-coking etc.

Fragrance recoverydevice effectively avoid the loss offragrance occurred during ossein MaillardReaction process.

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