Intelligentized CIP System

Intelligentized CIP system

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Intelligentized CIP system


At present, Intelligent CIP system is widelyused in biological fermenting and pharmaceutical industries with highrequirement of clean so that it reaches sanitary and sterilization effect.


Through set programming (adjustableprogramming),CIP system makes automatically preparation clean liquid, viapneumatic control valve and transfer pump and loop liquid pump finishingtransfer of clean liquid and whole clean process of circulation circle cleanand drain and recovery. Through conduct inspection instrument and PLCconstituting control system reaches auto online clean.


Intelligent CIP system is a centralintegration system including WFI tank, CIP tank, plate heat exchanger, pipingfilter, transfer pump, loop liquid pump, temperature controller, levelcontroller, conduct inspection instrument, PLC touch screen, control cabinetand piping and valves etc.

According to process condition choose:Single tank type, double tanks type, separate body type.

Also choose: intelligent and manual

Equipment specification

It isapplicable for cleaning of equipment and pipes in industries of dairy,beverages, alcohol, agricultural and sideline products.

The CIP cleaning system is composed of the acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, pure water tank, back water tank, disinfectant water tank, thick acid tank, thick alkali tank, heat exchanger, process pump, and corresponding valve and pipe.The tanks can be allocated according to process requirements. Generally, the CIP system that only consist of the acid tank,alcali tank and hot water tank can meet the requirements for cleaning.

The CIP system produced by our company has such features as good safety, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient operation and maintenanceetc.mainly including: 

1, manual CIP station; 

2, semi-automatic CIP station; 

3, automatic CIP station system; 

4, automatic CIP in the automatic dispensing pre-treatment system, which is more advanced with higher degree of automation, reliablity and safety.Data acquisition and exchange of the whole production line can be realized for linkage of all equipment.

The structures of CIP include joint type andsplit type. The CIP systems of the two types of structures have four heating modes:plateheating, tubular heating,coil heating and through heating. The CIP system ofjoint type has specifications from one-loop to three-loop with tank volume from1T to 5T. The CIP system of split type has specifications from one-loop tosix-loop with tank volume from 1T to 10T.

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